How to install and configure WordPress

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WordPress is the web software through which one can create website, blog, forum and even shopping cart. WordPress is the most used CMS. it is 100% free software and there are thousands of free plugins available on which can be used to extend and expand the functionality of WordPress website. Read Install wordpress plugin for more details.

How to make your own wordpress Website

It is very easy to create your own wordpress website. You even did not required any web development experience. There are two ways to create a Web application. One is to create Web application on local computer and second is to create on hosting server like Hostgator, Blue host or godaddy.

Local Computer Or Localhost

You need to Download WordPress, then extract it in htdocs (if you are using Xampp server) Or www(if you are using wamp server) folder of your local server. Now go to browser and open the url where you put your wordpress.  E.g http://localhost/wordpress


Now here start Installation, The first page is the page where you need to select language of your wordpress website. Select language and click Continue button. On the next page the system will show some information and ask you to get the database info like Database name, Database username, Database password and Database server(Normally it is localhost) before going to next step. Click “Let’s Go” button, Here you need to put the database info. First field is for the database name to put. you need to create a database first in phpmyadmin. on localhost the username is normally root, password is empty and  Database host is localhost. After adding this info click the submit button.

wordpress installation step 1
wordpress installation step final

if your added info is correct  then on next page will ask you to run the install. After that on the next page you need to put website title admin email, admin username and admin password.  this username and password will be used to login the the wordpress admin side. After adding this info click on Install WordPress button, And now your first wordpress website is ready. To access the backend of your website


On Hosting Server

There are two ways to install WordPress on hosting server. One with QuickInstall and second is manual.

Quick Install

Quick Install is a popular way to install wordpress and many other Web application like Joomla, Drupal Etc. To Use QucikInstall to Install wordpress on your cpanel, First login to your Cpanel. Then in software section you will see Quickinstall or something like this depending on Hosting server..

Click QuickInstall icon, it will take you to Quick Install page. Here you can select Software(WordPress, Joomla, Drupal) to install. Select WordPress and then Click Install WordPress.

In the next screen it will ask you to put some information.

Select your domain in drop down and write folder name in the second box. If you want to install wordpress in root directory then ignore second box. if you want your wordpress in sub-directory the write the folder name.

other infomation is Email blog title username and password. Except Username all info can be change later inside wordpress.

After putting this information click the submit button at the bottom. it will install the wordpress on your selected domain.

Manual Installation

Manual installation is also one of the popular WordPress installation method. For manual installation you need FTP client software to upload worpdress files to hosting server. One of the popular FTP client Software is Filezilla. Download and install it on your computer.

Now you need to download latest version of unzip the files.

Most server allow you to use cpanel login info to use in filezilla. if you Can’t login through filezilla with cpanel login info then you can create new FTP account inside cpanel.

Then open filezilla and put the ftp account info to login. It will ask for Host, Username and Password.

Ones you login through filezilla, then browse the unzip wordpress folder in left box in file zilla and select all files and folders. then upload it to the server. After uploading files to server go to cpanel and click MySql Databases in Databases Section.

On the next page you will get the option to create a database. Just like in the below image. After creating database go back to the same page and you will see in databases list that database is created but no user is assigned to it. So now we need to create a User for the database. You need to add Username and password for a user. After creating user you need to assign that user to that specific database as shown in the image. After clicking Add Button, On the next page it will ask you to give PRIVILEGES to user. Select ALL PRIVILEGES and click button Make Changes at the bottom. Now user is successfully added to database.

Now you have Database Name, User Name Password and Host Name(mostly it is localhost otherwise server will tell you when you buy hosting.) So open the your website link in browser it will open the wordpress installation page. Next steps are just as we did on local Computer above.

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